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Part 1 of my 4-part series of: How To Be Ageless Like the Most Attractive Hollywood Stars.

About 15 years ago I noticed that some of the Hollywood stars were looking fake, waxy and scary with very little expression to their face.  I also noticed that some people in my hometown of Potomac Md. had this certain look too and were not aging gracefully. I decided early on that I didn’t want that look when I aged, nor did I want to just let myself go as I got older. Now I know that a big part of beauty is the way we think, feel and behave and good character is paramount if you want to age beautifully. But there had to be more help with age-management than just a good attitude, Botox, facial filler and a face stretched too much by plastic surgery. The attitude helps but the fillers and Botox and some likely placement errors, yes, they do happen! caused these unnaturally looking people that didn’t look younger but did look “different”

When investigating the first two, one finds that in the case of Botox, repeated botulinum toxin causes muscles to atrophy. Yikes! Sometimes muscle atrophy is a wanted outcome of Botox injections as in certain cases of asymmetry, but I don’t want my facial muscles to atrophy!  And with facial fillers there is a whole list of things that can go wrong such as:

Acne-like skin eruptions


Bruising, bleeding from the injection site, swelling

Damage to the skin that results in a wound and possible scarring

Infection at the injection site


Palpability of the filler under the surface of the skin

Skin rash with itching

Skin redness

Under- or over-correction of wrinkles


Skin necrosis (ulceration or loss of skin from disruption of blood flow) No Thank you!

What then, I thought to myself, can help keep our facial muscles strong like weight- lifting and keep our skin from sagging. Then I found out about professional grade microcurrent.  Micro-current works with our own bodies natural electrical system to help build ATP-our cells energy and in turn lifts aging muscles, tightens sagging skin and sculpts the face.

Microcurrent stimulates the muscles to rejuvenate the surface of the skin and lifts the underlying muscles. An aesthetician well-versed in microcurrent will use a machine with two metal probes and will methodically move from one facial muscle to the other. Trained to know each facial muscle, the clinician will place one probe on the “belly” of the muscle the other on the “insertion” of the muscle after having place a conductive gel or mask. This procedure does not hurt and is very relaxing. A good microcurrent machine will give leave one feeling good and even energized for hours after the procedure. I say thank God for microcurrent!

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