Facial ADD Ons


Add to any facial:

Microdermabrasion  $85.--    Smooths, builds collagen

Light Chemical Peel $65.-- Brightens, builds collagen

Oxygen Treatment   $ 65.--     illuminate, brighten, plump

Revita-Pen           $  65.--     Wrinkle Reduction, builds collagen

Galvanic:                 $ 45.--       Hydrates, regulates oil production

Eye Rejuvenation Treatment $ 45.-- Hydrates, lifts, smooths
LED Red Light Wrinkle Treatment $ 25.-- Healing
LED Blue Light Acne Treatment      $ 25.--Healing

Arm and Hand Massage                        $25.-- Relaxes

Liquid Gold Mask                                  $ 36.-- Hydrates

Reflexology   60.-- Add to any treatment

An ancient Far East foot massage known for balancing the body and its incredible healing.