Facial ADD Ons


Add to any facial:

Micro-dermabrasion  $65.--    Smooths, builds collagen

Light Chemical Peel $65.-- Brightens, builds collagen

Oxygen Treatment   $ 65.--     illuminate, brighten, plump

Nano-Infusion Treatment $65.--  Micro-channeling device that yeilds similar results that microneedling but with out pain. This treatment  creates tiny perforations that initiate wound response along with Rx strength serums trigger collagen induction.  Sagging, Dehydration, Sun Damage without discomfort. .  

Eye Rejuvenation Treatment $ 45.-- Hydrates, lifts, smooths
LED Red Light Wrinkle Treatment $ 25.-- Healing
LED Blue Light Acne Treatment      $ 25.--Healing

Arm and Hand Massage                        $25.-- Relaxes

Liquid Gold Mask                                  $ 36.-- Hydrates

Reflexology   $60.-- Add to any treatment

An ancient Far East foot massage known for balancing the body and its incredible healing.