Viktoria De’ANN Products

Viktoria De’Ann is a technologically based company that synthesizes in a FDA inspected laboratory its own unique Peptide Messengers that are administered trans-dermally. Optimizing the cells in growth areas of the skin (dermis and epidermis) allows for an internal re-establishment of the Natural Healthy Cell Cycle. As these supporting layers of the skin peak towards their natural operating function the affects can be seen in the subsequent outer layers through corrective balanced exfoliation, skin health, and visible skin beauty.


The Rejuvenator series is fortified with a powerful restorative RNF-1 peptide; providing professionals with an exceptional product amplifying the client’s or patient's visible results. Our RNF-1 peptide is scientifically designed to initiate cellular responses of repair and regeneration, targeting gvrowth layers of the skin. Rejuvenator is formulated in three strengths to accommodate various levels of skin health. When beginning the Rejuvenator treatment one should always start with the Mild strength due to the highly active RNF-1 peptide and move up only when directed by your skin care professional.


Viktoria De Ann’s answer to the costly injected "Botox" treatments — and without the pain and complications. A proprietary amino acid peptide blend that relaxes the muscle groups in the face, acting like a ‘toxin’-based injectable without the needles and pain. Apply morning and evening to face, neck, and décolleté. May be layered with other serums for enhanced anti-aging benefits.

Pepti Lift

A face-lifting serum scientifically formulated to provide peptides to restore youthful skin tension. Applied to the face, arm, or decolletage, to lift and re-establish your natural youthful appearance. Results demonstrate 5-10 years younger anti-aging. Almost short of a miracle for your skin!

Pepti ProCol

Scientifically formulated to promote the repair, replacement and restructuring of collagen. Normally used in combination with Pepti-Lift. Due to the fact that as we age we start to loose a certain percentage of collagen each year, this peptide is especially beneficial for those over 40. It decreases even more in women after menopause. Collagen also decreases with other factors such as smoking, sugar and ultraviolet rays. This decrease leads to wrinkles and sagging skin. Pepti-ProCol along with facial treatments will help you maintain and build collagen. This cell-penetrating peptide is another one of Viktoria De Ann's powerful serums!


Aging skin loses its ability to maintain moisture in the deeper layers of the skin resulting in lines, wrinkles, and lack of plumpness. Our expert scientists have formulated a unique sequencing of peptides and nutrients to assist in re-establishing hyaluronic acid to restore hydration and suppleness to the skin’s appearance. After several applications, skin can become more hydrated and give the appearance of softer, smoother, plumper-looking skin.

Pepti Repair

Formulated to signal programmed accelerated repair and restructuring of damaged skin. Great for burns, cuts, abrasions, broken blood vessels and anytime there is a skin injury. Will often keep one from scarring.


PEPTI-pad is a unique peptide designed by our expert chemists to assist in re-building the dermal cushion using a specially formulated combination of peptides and nutrients to help restore skin’s thickness and suppleness. After continued use, skin will appear to be plumper and more youthful. Great for plumping up cheekbones, filling in lines above the lips, making the thinning area around the temples plumper, filling in areas above the eyebrow where we loose bone as we get older and any where that we have lost plumpness in the skin. Wonderful alternative to fillers!